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This American Life Executive Editor

A full time position at This American Life, New York NY, United States of America
Posted: October 11, 2019

This American Life is looking for an Executive Editor to oversee the editorial operations of the program and lead the editorial vision for the show, in collaboration with the show’s Host/Executive Producer Ira Glass.

About the job:

The Executive Editor is responsible for thinking about the big picture of what This American Life covers, pro-actively shaping the overall editorial vision for the show. Doing this involves talking with the show’s Producers about their interests and about what’s going on in the world, figuring out what would be exciting and worthwhile to dive into, then leading the staff to do that. Often this means finding and developing relationships with potential collaborators and contributors who’ll bring useful perspectives or special expertise. We’re looking for someone to lead an ongoing conversation around what kinds of shows we should make and how we can push our own limits.

Just as important – the Executive Editor runs the show’s weekly editorial process. That means strategizing about show planning, being a great manager to our Editors, and working with our Managing Editor to make sure the trains run on time. She or he will edit lots of stories, and will also be heavily involved with the story selection and story development for individual episodes of the program, in collaboration with whatever Producer is in charge of that episode. The Executive Editor will make decisions on whether to move forward with a story, will bring stories to final wording, and will be an arbiter on journalistic ethics and standards. She or he will be involved in hiring, staff development, and staff evaluations, and will coordinate partnerships and projects with other organizations. Occasionally the Executive Editor might produce or report a story or episode.

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