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UK Creator Relations Manager

A full time position at Podimo, UK
Posted: Feb 5, 2020


Podimo is where great stories are heard. Stories that enable listeners to understand more about themselves, their life, and the world around them.

And creators are where great stories begin. We believe that creators are the backbone of the industry and deserve to be compensated for the value they create. That’s why we're creating a new ecosystem for podcasts that can exist next to the current advertising-based one.

We'll begin by partnering with creators and storytellers to offer a catalogue of world-class original productions and exclusive programming, curated beautifully on a new listening platform. And we'll need help to make this work! From the creative community, from listeners, and from talented individuals to fill the first London-based roles like the one below.


We're looking for someone who has deep and positive relationships within the podcast industry and is truly excited about creating partnerships with podcast creators of all sizes in the UK and US to host their shows on Podimo.

You will need to move quickly in your first few months to reach a large volume of podcast creators in the UK, and be the day-to-day point of contact with a select number of them. You'll also be the voice of the creator inside of Podimo, and advise us on how to be a positive player in the UK and to create relationships that are celebrated and mutually beneficial.

You'll also take a 360 degree approach to partnerships by looking into the wider entertainment media industry (TV, Film, Books, Docs, VOD) to bring new relationships to Podimo that will lead to the creation or hosting of new and existing shows.

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