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Narrative Audio Producer

A full time position at New York Times, New York NY, United States of America
Posted: April 21, 2019

You love to think about stories and how they’re structured. You’ve been producing audio stories for a few years, and have experience in making long-form narratives. You’re hungry to make stories that sound different than anything you’ve heard before. You know how to get the tape you need to build a compelling narrative arc. You also know how to work difficult tape into something that sings. You know how to build tension, when to release it, how to use the tape as the story’s muscle. You care about where the breath goes. Where the music comes in. Where it goes out. If it’s too busy.

You’ll use all of these skills as a narrative producer for The New York Times, shaping compelling, character-driven long-form audio stories. You’ll be primarily focused on stories that are timely and relevant, but that go beyond or expand our understanding of the current news cycle. Those stories may run as episodes of “The Daily” or other programs, with several days or weeks of production, or they may occasionally develop into more ambitious multi-part series.

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