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Talk Show Podcast Host

A full time position at Morning Brew, New York, USA
Posted: Jul 29, 2020

Morning Brew’s Casting for our Next Podcast

Like most of you, we at The Brew have been working from home since March. This has been great for social distancing, but not so good for social debating.

TBH, we miss going at it (respectfully) IRL; there’s nothing better than that feeling when you know you’ve made the perfect point in a debate. But beyond that, we miss laughing in the office together over Finance Twitter, media memes, and all the other oddities of the biz world.

So we’re gonna do something about it the only way we know how: with a new podcast. It’ll be an audio + video business talk show featuring two hosts that will become a go-to source for engaging, exciting opinions on all things business. They’ll cover everything from earnings reports to business trends to whatever a certain Mars-obsessed CEO did that week.

And with the perfect two hosts at the helm, we’re going to compete with the best of the best: the banter from Pivot, the smart comedy from The Daily Show, the emotion from Mad Money, and the analysis from Stratechery.

Apply to be a host.

We’re looking for 2 full-time hosts who can be the voices and faces of the show. The hosts will curate and analyze business news and present it over podcast feeds, video platforms, and social media.

The team of hosts, a producer, and a product manager will collaborate to create the show and form relationships with listeners.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a pod pro? Pop on your webcam and record a 3-5 minute video of you analyzing 2 big business news stories. We are looking for someone who is unique, witty, engaging, and insightful.

Need some thought starters?

Maybe you’re not ready for pod stardom, but you know that person who is. Suggest their name to or send them this page.

Just so we’re clear, we’re not a coffee company.

Morning Brew is a New York City-based media company that’s disrupting the traditional business news landscape. Our goal is to make the business world more engaging for the modern business leader through relatable and digestible content.

To apply

Apply on our job site here:

Please mention in your application.

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