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A full time position
Fully remote: working with a USA-based team at Lemonada Media, Inc.
Posted: May 21, 2020

Lemonada Full-Time Producer Role Description

Lemonada Media is seeking a full-time producer to lead the production of multiple Lemonada shows. In this role, you will report directly to the Chief Creative Officer, collaborating with the CEO and other full- and part-time staff members, as well as the show hosts and production team to develop the vision and plan for each show. You will manage production of the overall series and each episode from pre-production through weekly publication, and, in coordination with Lemonada’s marketing team, create compelling and wide-reaching content.

Roles and Responsibilities

Production/Editorial ● Lead booking, prep, and all pre-production work, including idea development for current series and vision-setting for new and existing series alongside Chief Creative Officer and hosts. ● Lead high-end production, even in remote context, to ensure top-notch audio and a great experience for hosts and guests ● Lead post-production and editorial process alongside a small series-based team, including but not limited to organizing tape, creating transcripts and cut downs, and overseeing edits plus versions of scripts/bounces. ● Collaborate with hosts on compelling show titles and descriptions. ● Ensure each episode is produced on time, distributed effectively and with appropriate ads in place and work with social media and marketing team to support publication efforts, including providing audio, images and in some cases video for each episode of each series ● Manage show budget, fast-paced workflow, and production staff ● Work across the week on multiple series at any given time ● Manage the work of an assistant producer for some series, and a free-lance or part-time editor (audio engineer) for each series


● Ongoing communication about shows with other Lemonada teams, including marketing and operations ● Work closely with social media and marketing teams on your slate of shows to select strong assets (photos, audiograms, video clips) for promotion. ● Collaborate with executive team to make necessary adjustments based on listener data. ● Manage co-promotion for social media with guests and guests’ teams

Required Competencies

● Extensive creative and tactical knowledge of audio production along with notably good judgment, sparkling people skills, excellent writing skills, proficiency in audio recording and Pro Tools editing, respect for a deadline, and the ability to multi-task like a boss. ● Experience with news-cycle series and multiple segment production in-week, including ability to create high quality work with a small team on short deadlines. ● Experience in Pro-Tools and editing. ● The ear and expertise to turn good talent + content into breakout hit shows ● A commitment to ensuring that your slate of shows is produced to an exceptionally high professional standard, on-brand for Lemonada, and commercially viable. ● Ability to produce shows on a budget, providing the best possible service to the audience, the talent, and any production and business partners. ● Experience shaping and launching new shows and comfort switching effortlessly between roles. ● Background in journalism, radio, news and politics, and/or public health a plus.

Employment Logistics

This position is full-time, based on an average of 50 hours of work per week. We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience. We also offer health benefits and three weeks of PTO to all full-time employees.

Desired Start Date: June 15th, somewhat flexible Location: Flexible

To apply

Email your resume, cover letter, and any work samples you would like us to see to Eli Kramer, Chief Operating Officer, eli [at] lemonadamedia [dot] com

Please mention in your application.