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Content Marketing Manager

A full time position at Descript, San Francisco CA, USA
Posted: Mar 25, 2020

Descript is a new kind of audio/video creation tool, powerful enough for professionals, but easy enough to be accessible by the growing community of new media creatives. Our first Content Marketing Manager will be responsible for creating and executing an editorial strategy aimed at reaching this audience. Your mission at Descript will be to create content that's loved and considered essential by creators both inside and outside of Descript's existing customer base.

If you love the idea of being one of the first people at a small, growing startup, working closely with the CEO and the rest of the team to lay the foundation upon which the company grows, powering through ambiguity and limited resources - armed only with autonomy and a lot of different hats to wear - and if you're passionate about audio/video content, and you love writing enough that you've already started copyediting this terribly convoluted sentence, this may be the job for you.


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Descript is building the next generation platform for creative tools, making audio and video creation as fast, accessible, and collaborative as Google Docs. We are a team of 24 — predominantly engineers, product designers, and AI researchers — with a proven CEO and the backing of some of the world's greatest investors (Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures). Descript HQ is in San Francisco, and our AI research team, Lyrebird, is based in Montreal.

Descript is the special company that's in possession of both product market fit and the raw materials (passionate user community, great product, large market) for growth, but is still early enough that each new employee has a measurable influence on the direction of the company.

As a small startup, Descript relies on employees who thrive in an environment where they are regularly called upon to translate high level goals into day-to-day priorities, and are regularly presented with technical and business challenges that extend beyond their comfort zone.

Benefits include a generous healthcare package, catered lunches, unlimited vacation time, equity, and an ample supply of a few healthy snacks.

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