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Booking coordinator

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A part time Booking Coordinator position
Fully remote: working with a UK-based team at Cofruition.

Salary range: £12 to £20 (hourly rate) - subject to experience plus Bonus

Cofruition is a full-time podcast production company looking to hire someone to book guests to appear on our clients’ podcasts, reach out to new potential clients, and other interesting things that come from working at a podcasting agency!

You will be working closely with the founder of the company and receive lots of training and guidance on all aspects of your work + be able to shape the role as you develop.


We’re more concerned with hiring for character, rather than experience (though obviously experience helps)


One of our principles is to make sure you don’t get spread too thin. Below is what we envisage being your core responsibilities, though as we evolve then this might shift around.

We believe that the ability to start the day with some ideas of (semi-) famous people you want to speak to, and end it by setting up conversations with them is a real superpower that lasts throughout your career wherever it might go. In this role we’ll teach you our process for how to do it and you’ll get to become an expert at it!

About Cofruition

The company

Cofruition was started by Sam Floy in January 2020. Sam is British but lives in Copenhagen (Danish wife). Cofruition is technically a Danish company.

The company is effectively a podcast agency: companies pay us to make podcasts with/ for them. We manage and run podcasts for multiple clients in Europe, America and Asia.

We believe that high quality audio is only going to get more popular and want to build a company that can deliver this at scale. This requires thinking systematically about how podcasts are made and then guiding skilled people to make it a reality.

What’s important to us

Your pay etc.

You'll be joining as one of the early employees in the company (exciting!) and so will be able to shape the role to be something that is suited to you. We propose paying £15/ hour for up to 30 hours/ week, starting with testing out working together for 3 months to see if this is a fit for both parties.

Next steps

If this sounds interesting then please fill out this form selecting the primary role as Booking coordinator and writing Booking coordinator position in the Project title field. This will prompt you to also attach a cover letter. The Cofruition hiring team will then be in touch with next steps!

Get more details

Please mention in your application.

More details

What does a Booking Coordinator role normally entail?The Podcast Taxonomy definition for a role like this in Administration says: “The Booking Coordinator is responsible for bringing on new guests for interviews, including sourcing guests, scheduling interviews, onboarding materials, and post-publication processes.”
This exact role may have different requirements.

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