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Executive Producer, Your Undivided Attention podcast

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A full time Executive Producer position
Fully remote: working with a USA-based team at Center for Humane Technology .

Salary range: $140,000 to $150,000 (yearly rate) - subject to experience


Your Undivided Attention (YUA) is a top tech podcast produced by Center for Humane Technology Team. It is co-hosted by Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, who are also two of our co-founders. YUA was launched in 2019 and has accumulated over 15 million downloads to date. In 2022, YUA became a member of the TED Audio Collective.

The goal of YUA is to illuminate the incredible influence that technology has on our lives, relationships, and society. It also exists to uncover novel solutions and new ways of thinking that can bring technology back into balance with humanity’s best interests.

YUA is a biweekly show that releases every other Thursday. Our episodes range from shorter bonus episodes (10-30 minutes) to longer full-length episodes (40-90 minutes). Most episodes feature a guest who can provide new, cross-disciplinary perspectives on how technology is impacting the world.

The show is ad-free and driven by organic growth. It has a global reach with listeners in over 200 countries, a majority of whom are based outside of the United States. Our listeners include many cross-sector leaders, and include product managers and designers inside the major technology companies, senior officials, policymakers, researchers, and activists — as well as young people, teachers and millions of others eager to drive change.


The Executive Producer (EP) leads the podcast team, oversees the entire podcast production process, and maintains the high level of intellectual quality and production quality that YUA is known for. The EP is also responsible for guiding the next phase of YUA’s growth and impact.

This is a role for an experienced audio editor and team leader. It is also a role that requires deep alignment with our mission and “theory of change” philosophy.

The ideal candidate will be deeply immersed with our work, and is the type of person who wakes up excited to share important and urgent ideas with the world in a compelling and empowering way.




Strategy & Planning

Production Process


Ideal candidates will have some combination of the following:


CHT's mission is to realign technology with humanity's best interests. We are dedicated to leading a comprehensive shift toward technology that strengthens our well-being, global democratic functioning, and shared information environment.

Through our work we build shared understanding, drive coordinated solutions, and empower leaders to act.

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What does a Executive Producer role normally entail?The Podcast Taxonomy definition for a role like this in Creative Direction says: “The Executive Producer is the lead producer on a production. The role can range in terms of creative control with some "EP"s owning the creative direction of a podcast (in effect taking the role of director), while others may take a more hands off approach. Executive producer may have raised the money to fund the production, but it is not a necessary responsibility of the role.”
This exact role may have different requirements.

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