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Software Engineer, Apple Podcasts

A full time position at Apple, Cupertino CA, USA
Posted: Jan 28, 2020

Podcasts Client Engineering is a small, focused team that builds the Podcasts experience used by millions of people across all of our platforms including iOS, macOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV, CarPlay, and HomePod. We're based in San Francisco and we frequently collaborate with teams including Design, Apple Music, Siri and many others. Most of our work is in Swift and Objective-C, with a little Javascript, Ruby, and Python thrown in for good measure.

The Podcasts client team is seeking a uniquely talented software engineer with a mix of skills in Swift, Objective-C, automation, testing, integration engineering, and bug triage. Your purview will include anything that helps engineers engineer, including bug screening and investigation, reorganizing an Xcode project, building and reporting on tests, redesigning our entire workflow, and of course, contributing bug fixes and features.

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